Custom Throttle Body Modifications for the perfectionist 

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Stock Throttle Body

The latest technology at work. Producing a product that

is superior in every way to what you would get from

a production component.

Testing and inspection at every stage of machining and

assembly assures uniformity in the response of these

finely crafted throttle bodies.

Original test truck proving the concepts

The low profile stainless steel shaft and butterflies

stock restricted throttle body ready to disassemble

Inspection and calibration completed 

These throttle bodies have their bores opened up and

are machined on the latest CNC machining centers to

produce exact centerlines and roundness of the bores.

This allows us to use the new stainless steel low 

profile shaft with socket flat head screws to effect the

perfect alignment of our stainless steel butterflies. 

They have been profile milled at an angle to produce

the correct ellipse to match the bores exactly.

blueprinted and modified ready to install